Dutch voice overs - A small selection of our talents

Profile This Dutch voice over has a lot of experience in the world of animation and games. For many years he leant his voice to a lot of characters in animation-series, movies and games. Dubbing and Lip-syncing are second nature.
He is flexibel and very capable of following directions. He studied singing and preforming arts at the conservatory in Alkmaar. Since 1999 he works as a stage-actor and singer as well. He played in well known musicals in Holland, like Evita and Mamma Mia. This line of work has contributed a great deal to his voice-skills and experience.
Clients Ambitious People, Disney, Nickelodeon Listen to all Dutch voices
Profile This Dutch voice over delight for your ears is a real all-rounder. Although her voice is heard throughout the Netherlands and beyond, her versatility often disguises her vocal identity, providing an aura of trust. Clients National Geographic Channel, L’Oréal Paris, Philips, Schiphol Airport Listen to all Dutch voices
Profile This Dutch voice over sounds warm, friendly, has a wide vocal range (high and low), is dynamic and crispy. His voice is heard in numerous animation series and movies (on tv and cinema) such as Lucky Fred, Peter Pan, Walking with dinosaurs. He is a professional voice over as well and his voice is used often for informative purposes as well as commercial purposes. He is also working as a professional singer (studio as well as live performances): musical, pop (rock), crooners and jazz. Clients Neckermann Listen to all Dutch voices
Profile This Dutch voice over artist has more than 25 years experience in the voice over business. His voice can be heard on many digital platforms throughout the world. He is an actor so he is very capable of character voices and giving a life to a mundane industrial script.. His warm voice captivates the listener and makes an advertisement believable. Clients Sonnos Sound, Unilever, Mitsubishi, New York Pizza, Time Out, Philips, Mini, Sanyo Listen to all Dutch voices
Profile This Dutch voice over hasa very flexible, warm and clear voice. Very much experience as a singer on stage and in the studio. Much experience as a voice-artist in studio environment. Owns a studio and also produces. Clients Apotheker, Businesslease, Haarlem FM, Talpa, Missing Sync, Lemniscaat, Moordwijven Movie Listen to all Dutch voices

Why Dutch voice overs at Inter Voice Over

Our service goes much further than other agencies. We translate your scripts, advise you which voices to book, take care of recordings and deliver them to you as you need.

We create a free voice proposal of suitable voices for each of our clients. In selecting voices, we consider the type of project and the intended target audience.

As the largest voice over agency in Europe, we have our own professional sound studios that help us to deliver quickly. Clients are able to attend the recording of their text. It’s not only fun, but also leads to a better end result.

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