Our French Child Voice over Makes Eating Frankfurters Sound like Fun!

Herta is a popular brand in the Netherlands, owned by Nestles which produces food products which include cold meats and Frankfurters. It is a very popular brand throughout many parts of Europe.

When Herta decided to make a corporate video, they came to Inter Voice Over and asked us to find them a French child voice over with a playful tone. We quickly found exactly what Herta were looking for and we then invited the production team into our recording studio to see the project in action.

We like our clients to come into the studio with us because in our experience it saves time and money. Often when recording starts, problems surface with the script and changes have to be made. If the client isn’t involved in the recording process this means delays, but when the client is in the studio, or in touch with us by Skype the changes can often be made there and then, allowing for the recording to go ahead as planned.

When clients come to us for a voiceover, we don’t just concentrate on finding the right voice talent, our project managers oversee every stage of the work to ensure complete customer satisfaction and our talented engineers edit and format the finished recordings, ready for use as quickly as possible.

We have the largest database of voices in the world and we have worked on corporate and advertising videos for some of the world’s top brands, including Pringles and McDonalds.