No Risk for Deloitte – A Corporate Movie

Inter Voice Over doesn’t just supply voice- overs, we also use our vast experience to provide advice and support to our clients. Our experienced project managers work alongside the client to ensure that they have the best brand opportunities and voices to match their video.

Deloitte is a global company providing accounting, risk management, tax services and consulting. They want to attract staff who are well qualified and enthusiastic about the company and they provide a wide range of training opportunities to successful applicants.

In order to attract young graduates in France, Deloitte decided to make a corporate video and they came to us to supply them with a voice-over that would engage with the graduate age range and present a positive image of the company. As we have the largest data base of French voice overs in the world, it didn’t take us too long to find what Deloitte was looking for – A professional, but enthusiastic French male voiceover, who would connect with a young audience.

We understand perfectly the link between storytelling and its link to emotions, which propels the listener to into the corporate world and makes them want to become part of the team. We worked with Deloitte to give them exactly that – A professional voice-over to enhance their video production.

We have worked with global companies such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, and ING. They come to us because they know that we are 100% client focused and that client satisfaction is our priority.