French Female Voice over gets Credit for Foncier Corporate Video

Credit Foncier is part of the French BPCE banking group. It was founded in 1852 to provide tailor-made mortgage solutions to people investing in the property market in France.

The information on the bank’s website says that it wants to encourage social ownership, offer lending solutions for clean energy and work with individuals, professionals and local authorities who need their financial expertise and experience.

Recently they made a corporate video in order to motivate their staff and inform them about the company’s services and activities. The video required a professional French female voice over and the Credit Foncier production team came to us to find the voice and make the recording.

As we have the largest database of voiceover talent in the world, we were able to quickly find a voice that the company liked. The recording was made in our own studio and we invited the production team along. We do this because there are often changes in the script and if the production team are on site, the changes can be made there and then without delay.

If the client can’t attend we usually set up Skype so that they can see what is going on and make any necessary changes without having to be in the studio. Inter Voice Over are 100% client focused and that’s why many of our customers return to us again and again.