Dutch Voice over Puts Some Colour into ‘Just for Men’ TV Advert

Some men are able to embrace the fact that they have grey hair, but there are plenty of others who don’t want to say goodbye to their original hair colour and that’s where ‘Just for Men’ comes in. It is a global brand of hair dye, which is very popular with men of all ages.

Just for men recently made an advert for TV in the Netherlands and they wanted a male Dutch voice over with a strong deep voice that would give the viewer confidence in the Just for Men product. Inter Voice Over has the largest database of voice overs in the world and a huge amount of different dialects and accents, including Brabantian, Limburgish and Flemish from the Netherlands.

It didn’t take Inter Voice Over long to source exactly what the Just for Men production team were looking for and soon they were with our project manager in our Amsterdam recording studios. We always invite our clients into the studio because in our experience scripts sometimes get changed at the last minute.

It is much quicker to deal with the changes there and then, rather than lose valuable studio time by sending the script back to the client wherever they are.

If a client can’t come to the studio we set up Skype, so they can see and hear the recording process, even though they aren’t there.
Inter Voice Over works with many of the world’s top brands and provides voice overs from more than 115 different countries.