Voice recordings for TTS + Speech Recognition

In 115 languages, from the global leader.


Millions of people interact with Voice Assistants each day which have been given a voice by Inter Voice Over.

Since 1999 Inter Voice Over has been assisting the world’s leading Speech Technology companies with their projects. Whether it is recording for Speech Synthesis projects or audio data acquisition for Speech Recognition we have a unique proven track record of extremely satisfied clients.

Industry leading execution time and scale
We enable you to go to market faster. Our approach is highly automated, utilising state of the art technology for the world’s most advanced companies.

Our Voice Talent ERP Platform features voice talents in 115 languages and is unmatched by any other provider in the world. It enables lighting fast talent sourcing at an unrivalled scale. Custom demo recordings from hundreds of talents per language or audio data acquisition on a large scale can be delivered within hours, a capacity not available from any other provider in the world.

We work around the clock
During the recording stage voice actors, technology and our global elastic pool of sound and QC-engineers take centre stage. Our teams continue around the clock to deliver your mission critical audio recordings with lightning speed. Your audio moves from time zone to time zone professionally managed by our experienced Speech Technology team.

Global Reach
Due to our decentralised production approach and our global network of 500+ professional recording studios we are able to execute projects with multiple speakers and/or languages simultaneously. Typical speech synthesis projects range from 35 K – 300 K words. We have been able to deliver 210 K words with multiple speakers, quality assurance and re-records in 8 working days. Project progress can be followed live 24×7 from our Client Dashboards which is great for stakeholders in multiple time zones.

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