Voice over and voice actor recordings
for games.

Our voice actors bring your game to life in 115 languages.

Whether you have developed a first-person-shooter, a role playing or platform game, we have the voice actors you need. In 115 languages.

Inter Voice Over is Europe’s largest international voice over agency. We have an exceptional amount of experience with voice recordings for games. Clients include: EA Games, Activision, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Disney, as well as many smaller publishers. We can help you with each phase of the production process or elements thereof:

We have the voices you need

With Europe’s largest voice over database containing talents in 115 languages, we always cast the coolest voices for your title.

Translation of localization kits

Our translators understand localization kits and are familiar with gaming terminology.

Ready-to-use recordings

You will receive ready-to-use files in the format and naming that you require. We optimize these for use on the platform on which you publish.

Unique sounds and music

Our sound designers are experts in creating unique sounds and music for use in your games.

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