Voice actors and voice overs for commercials

Looking for unique voice actors and voice overs for your commercials? Inter Voice Over has the largest database of voices in Europe. Because we work with advertising agencies on a daily basis, we understand exactly what is important to you:

Fast voice suggestions

We help you to meet your deadlines and we get straight on it.

Largest voice database

No other voice over agency has such a huge voice database. There’s no need to call around.

Extensive range of voice profiles

We have an extensive profile for each voice, so that you know what their skills are and who they have worked for.

Incredibly easy: record in our sound studio.

You don’t have to, but it’s very convenient to record your commercial in our high-end sound studios. A single point of contact for voice and studio. It saves a lot of work.

Localization into 115 languages

A commercial in 1 or 20 languages. We can take care of it.

Curious about our voices? Get a voice suggestion within 10 minutes >>>

A quote in 10 minutes

Within 10 minutes you’ll know what it cost to professionally record your text. Fill in the below form to find out.

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