Tarifit language

Riffian, Rif Berber, or Riffian Berber (local name: Tamaziɣt, Berber exonym: Tarifit or Tamaziɣt Tarifit) is a Northern Zenata variety of the Berber language spoken by about 2.5 million Moroccans, mainly in the Rifprovinces, Tangiers, Oujda, and Tetouan, and among the Riffian migrant community in Western Europe.

Moroccan cities that have large numbers of Riffian Berber speakers are, by order of total numbers: Tangiers(Riffians are not the majority here though), Nador, Al Hoceima, Oujda (no Riffian majority), Tetouan (no Riffian majority), Azghenghan, Imzuren, Aɛarwi, Seřwan, Midar, Ayt Buɛeyyac, Eddriwec (Driouch), Zayyu, Aknul,Temsaman, and Tafersit.

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