Spanish voice overs - A small selection of our talents

Profile This Spanish voice over is 35 years, but usually do dubbing for people from 20 to 35. His voice is very clean, natural with a sound of the 'guy next door'. He has experience with fun and active voice overs for commercial, but he has also done a lot of corporate videos as a confident voice. Clients Mediaset, eLogos, ACSA Sorigué, Curtis Brewery, Smart Agent, Stansted Airport, Botisto Listen to all Spanish voices
Profile This is a Spanish voice over from Spain. She has a friendly, expressive, seductive and professional voice. You can hear every day on European TV Euronews and other Spanish television and radio. Her voice is suitable for commercials, audio-guides, telephone answering, e-learning, corporate videos, etc. Clients DNI/NIE electrónico, AENA, BOE, Diputación de Almería, Ibercaja, Nuevo Centro, Más y Más, Generali, Celeris Listen to all Spanish voices
Profile This Spanish voice over has a warm and deep voice for narrations, friendly and fun for commercials, professional serious for presentations, funny and goofy for children's projects. He is a native Spanish voice over talent and his second language is American English. His voice has the ability to sounds like a Monster, Cartoon, train, car, robot in motion, wolf, cat, dog, horse or an elephant. Clients The History Channel, Brain Sync, Associated Supermarkets, Ivanhoe Energy Listen to all Spanish voices
Profile This Spanish voice over is very flexible and can imitate almost all accents and ages.
She is a professional dubbing actress with wide experience in all kind of recordings, changing my voice up to 4-5 different characters for adults and teenagers and 4-5 more for kids (different ages). Clients Avon, Schindler, Cisco, Windows Vista, La Caixa, HP, Ikea, British Airways, Apple, Microsoft Listen to all Spanish voices
Profile Clear Spanish voice over actor, with a warm tone, juvenile and friendly. Variety of records, interpretation and dramatisation. Deep for narrations, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations. He has extensive experience recording for radio and television voice overs. Clients Nissan, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Volkswagen, Cisco Systems, Merck, AstraZeneca, Almirall Listen to all Spanish voices

Why Spanish voice overs at Inter Voice Over

Our service goes much further than other agencies. We translate your scripts, advise you which voices to book, take care of recordings and deliver them to you as you need.

We create a free voice proposal of suitable voices for each of our clients. In selecting voices, we consider the type of project and the intended target audience.

As the largest voice over agency in Europe, we have our own professional sound studios that help us to deliver quickly. Clients are able to attend the recording of their text. It’s not only fun, but also leads to a better end result.

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