Flemish voice overs - A small selection of our talents

Profile This is an experienced Flemish voice with a lot of TV-experience. She worked as news anchor for an economic and cultural programme in Belgium and has read voice-overs for various programmes on national Belgian TV. She has a very warm, soothing voice. She can sound very friendly, warm and inviting; she can sound as a professional business woman but she can also sound energetic in commercials. Also children like to listen to her voice as she tells them stories. Clients TV-news, TV-reports, Leonard, Bedtime, Den Tir, Nuyts, Het Goudhuis, Vibe, PC Parket Listen to all Flemish voices
Profile He has a lot of experience in doing voice-over work, especially for Eén (televisiontrailer and program voice) and the national lottery (voice-over for Lotto and Euromillions). For almost 15 years now he has been a speaker on Radio 2, de biggest radiostation in Belgium, where he has been doing the Radio 2 Top 30. So, he is used to handle the mic and using his voice. Clients Eén, Radio 2, Pizza Hut, Cityjet, VUB, Telenet, Cera, Vlaamse overheid, TV Oost, WTV-Focus, RTV Listen to all Flemish voices
Profile Maybe you already heard this Flemish voice in national radio and TV commercials. Her voice can sound very soft and gently, smooth and jazzy but also corporate and dynamic. She is an actress and singer. She can do also accents: Belgian french and flemish accent. Clients EVIAN, Louis Vuitton, Clairefontaine, Crédit Agricole, Renault, Quies, GDF-SUEZ, ACCOR Listen to all Flemish voices
Profile This Flemish voice over is very easy to direct. He is a great voice over for both soft and energetic commercials. He is also an awesome voice actor.

He has more than 10 years of voice over experience and has also been a station voice for several Belgian tv channels. Clients Disney, LG, Mentos, Unilever, Universal, Fox entertainment, Toshiba, EA Games Listen to all Flemish voices
Profile This Flemish voice has been on air since 1999, on national radio and in national and local commercials and movies. She's also done some storytelling for a childrens radiostation. She sounds diverse: trustworthy, dynamic, positive, energetic, sometimes crazy. And when rest is needed, she has a good feeling and sound for guided meditation. Clients ICI Paris XL, Lief!, Studio100, Proximus, Q-music, JIMtv Listen to all Flemish voices

Why Flemish voice overs at Inter Voice Over

Our service goes much further than other agencies. We translate your scripts, advise you which voices to book, take care of recordings and deliver them to you as you need.

We create a free voice proposal of suitable voices for each of our clients. In selecting voices, we consider the type of project and the intended target audience.

As the largest voice over agency in Europe, we have our own professional sound studios that help us to delver quickly. Clients are able to attend the recording of their text. It’s not only fun, but also leads to a better end result.

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