Recent projects 

Inter Voice Over is Europe’s largest voiceover agency, a modelling agency for professional voiceovers and voice actors. Since 1998 we have supplied voiceover recordings and translations in 115 languages.

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voice over for Herta
9 February 2015   

Our French Child Voice over Makes Eating Frankfurters Sound like Fun!

Herta is a popular brand in the Netherlands, owned by Nestles which produces food products which include cold meats and Frankfurters. It is a very popular brand throughout many parts of Europe. When Herta decided to make a corporate video, they came to Inter Voice Over and asked us to find them a French child…

6 February 2015   

Dutch Voice over Puts Some Colour into ‘Just for Men’ TV Advert

Some men are able to embrace the fact that they have grey hair, but there are plenty of others who don’t want to say goodbye to their original hair colour and that’s where ‘Just for Men’ comes in. It is a global brand of hair dye, which is very popular with men of all ages.…

voice over for SFR
4 February 2015   

French Voiceover Helps SFR Connect With Customers

SFR is part of cable operator and telecoms service group, Numericable. They provide Video, data and internet to homes and businesses across France. Their internet TV package is very popular and recently they decided to make an instruction video for their customers called “How to set up TV and Internet at home.” They wanted the…

2 February 2015   

French Female Voice over gets Credit for Foncier Corporate Video

Credit Foncier is part of the French BPCE banking group. It was founded in 1852 to provide tailor-made mortgage solutions to people investing in the property market in France. The information on the bank’s website says that it wants to encourage social ownership, offer lending solutions for clean energy and work with individuals, professionals and…

30 January 2015   

French Voiceovers Help 300 Year Old Company with E-Learning Video

Saint-Gobain is a French multi-national founded in 1665, during the reign of Louis XIV. The Company designs, produces and delivers materials for the construction industry. They have a global network that covers Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Canada and the USA. They have 17 warehouses where they distribute 500,000 electronics and…