Recent projects 

Inter Voice Over is Europe’s largest voiceover agency, a modelling agency for professional voiceovers and voice actors. Since 1998 we have supplied voiceover recordings and translations in 115 languages.

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French voice over for L'Oreal
22 December 2017   

L’Oréal lets our voices know they’re worth it!

The L’OréaI Group is the world’s largest cosmetics company and it has its headquarters in France. It is known for the iconic catchphrase “Because you’re worth it” which it uses on almost all of its famous advertisements. According to L’Oreal 80% of women recognise and respond to this phrase. As well as making women feel…

Jmango American English voice over thumbnail
12 December 2017   

JMango 360 uses voice over for app – For Businesses who want to Connect

Any business today that sells a product or service will be aware that providing excellent customer service is vital for keeping and attracting new customers. One of the best ways to do this is by making it easy for consumers to find, explore and engage with that business. Mobile apps provide this engagement and the…

Voice over project for NIKE's website
24 November 2017   

NIKE experiences a runaway success with our voice over

How can a voice over run in the world of e-commerce? NIKE found the right answer and booked one of our most talented British voice overs for their online shops. Read more here.

5 September 2017   

Adventurous Voice Over in National Geographic Video

Since 1888 the National Geographic Society has been providing interesting and informative TV programs about our planet and the people, plants and animals that live on it.  Much of the work done by the society inspires people to find out more about science, history, geography, archaeology and our environment. Also, they publish a monthly magazine in fourteen…

27 August 2017   

Voice Over Branding in Calvin Klein Campaign

When Calvin Klein wanted an American voice-over for a trailer video, they came to us. We have the largest data base in the world and a vast amount of experience when it comes to picking the perfect voice for the part. In the past, Inter Voice Over has provided voice actors for other fashion brands such…