Our service goes further thanks to our own studios.

Inter Voice Over has state of the art recording studios where clients if they wish can attend recordings. This offers many advantages:

Faster turnaround

Voice over recordings can be quickly and easily planned via a single point of contact.

Attending recordings

You only make a recording once. Attend your recording and assist where necessary.

Ready-to-use recordings

Our sounds studios help us to deliver voice over recordings as our clients need them.

High quality

Our passion for quality is reflected in our studio and in the quality or our recordings. Our studios are used for projects that include corporate videos, telephone systems and e-learning courses.

Technical details

  • Pro Tools HD 10The worldwide standard for Digital Audio Workstations. Sessions are universally compatible with other sound studios.
  • Compatible with all ISDN codecsCompatibility is not an issue. Inter Voice Over has multiple ISDN codecs (APT-X and MPEG) and is compatible with all standards.
  • Spacious voice booth and studioOur spacious voice booth can house 1 to 2 talents. The control room can comfortably accommodate 6 people during a recording.