Adventurous Voice Over in National Geographic Video

Since 1888 the National Geographic Society has been providing interesting and informative TV programs about our planet and the people, plants and animals that live on it.  Much of the work done by the society inspires people to find out more about science, history, geography, archaeology and our environment. Also, they publish a monthly magazine in fourteen languages and they have a popular photographic competition every year.

Promotional Video with Dutch Voice Over
Recently they made a promotional video and they asked Inter Voice Over to find them a deep, male Dutch voice over with an adventurous tone. We have voices in 115 languages and many more accents from all over the world, so it didn’t take us long to find the perfect voice for the National Geographic video.

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Full client service 
We want our clients get the best out of the voice overs we provide and for this reason we always invite the production team into the studio to watch the recording process. We find that this prevents any delays because any changes or errors in the script can be dealt with immediately. If the team can’t make it into the studio, we use Skype to keep them informed.

We have worked with some of the world’s largest companies, like UNESCO and the European Union, finding and recording voice overs for commercials, informational videos, apps and telephony systems.

national geographic voice over project