Voice over recordings in 115 languages.

From translation to voice recording. We take care of it.

Inter Voice Over is Europe’s largest international voice over agency. We deliver professional voice recordings and translations in 115 languages. We supply voices and ready-to-use voice recordings for productions such as corporate videos, voicemail and PBX telephone systems, e-learning courses, radio and TV commercials, mobile apps and TV programs.

Our voices can come to any studio of your choice, or we can fully manage the voice over recordings for you.

Guidance and advice

Many of our clients have never booked a voice. That’s wht our voice agency stands out through the advice and guidance that we provide. For example, in choosing the correct type of voice or on technical issues.

Free casting proposal

We create a free voice proposal of suitable voices for each of our clients. In selecting voices, we consider the type of project and the intended target audience.

Everything is taken care of

As soon as a voice has been selected, we optionally translate the scripts, book the voices and take care of editing. It couldn’t be simpler.

Attending recordings

As the largest voice over agency in Europe, we have our own professional sound studios that help us to delver quickly. Clients are able to attend the recording of their text. It’s not only fun, but also leads to a better end result.

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