L’Oréal lets our voices know they’re worth it!

The L’OréaI Group is the world’s largest cosmetics company and it has its headquarters in France. It is known for the iconic catchphrase “Because you’re worth it” which it uses on almost all of its famous advertisements. According to L’Oreal 80% of women recognise and respond to this phrase.

As well as making women feel glamorous, they also like to keep their staff well informed with information and updates about the company. They regularly use corporate videos for this purpose because they like the staff to engage with the brand. Inter Voice Over has provided them with a number of voice overs in the past.

For their latest video L’OréaI wanted a male and a female voice over in British English that sounded fashionable, persuasive and professional. We found them exactly what they were looking for and the recording was made in our own studio in Paris.

Inter Voice Over has the largest database of voice talent in the world. We can supply voices that sound cultured, broad or general, as well as dialects and regional accents from over 115 languages.

We have worked with many of the world’s leading brands including Mercedes Benz, Cartier and Tommy Hilfiger.