How IKEA teaches English Voice over Flat Packing!

Sweden isn’t just famous for its meatballs and Abba, it has another famous export and that’s is the furniture giant IKEA. They have stores in 42 countries around the world and market their products with quirky, fun television adverts, some of which have voice overs.

Their most recent adverts highlight the use of space at home and work and how we can utilise it with imaginative furniture and decor to create different uses from one space. Think, kitchen, office, Kids’ study area and dinner parties all from one room.

Recently they made an advert advertising their office furniture and so they came to Inter Voice Over looking for an English male voice, who could highlight their moving places theme in the workplace. As we have the largest data base of English voices and accents in the world, we were quickly able to find the perfect voice and we invited the IKEA to join our own production manager in the studio to oversee the recording.

We always invite our clients to the studio because we find that any errors or changes can be made quickly if they are watching the recording process. If they can’t come to our studio, then we use Skype. Inter Voice Over has a huge number of English voice over talent from the UK, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Jamaica and a host of other English speaking countries.


IKEA commercial voice over